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The Fraudulent 2020 election how ,when , and where it was done. Indisputable Proof.

This Site is dedicated to our Rights to Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness=Freedom=Private Property.

First lets explain how to use this site. Scroll down the list that follows and find an issue that your interested it. At the end of that issue , a link, copy just click on the  link and it will take you to the appropriate document or documents. If you decide we have not addressed your issue satisfactorily email us @  Explain your issue , and we will try to direct you or provide you with information that should help. This is a work in progress!  We welcome your comments.

Here’s what’s happening now!!! Take Back America This Memorial Day:

The following links will give you the documents you need for the various Agencies and Offices.

First : The Final Decision of We the People of these United States of the Republic.

1. Removal Demand Notice:

2. Public Notice of Demand to all members of the 112th Congress:

3. Public Notice of Demand To  Appropriate Military Personnel.:

4.  Public Notice of Demand To: Law Enforcement Public Servants of the State of Arizona (Your State).

5. This link will take you to the complete listings of Email and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors!  USE IT.

6. This link is to a contact list of FBI offices by State:

7.  This link Address , Phone numbers and Emails of State Governors:

8. This is a fantastic link provided by ConservativeUSA : 

9. First Amendment Petition of we the Sovereign People for Redress of Grievances:.

A complaint has been filed with the FBI >RNC-DNC Anti Trust  Published May 4th 2012.

Lets Start at the beginning:

What are my rights as an American Citizen and where do they come from? First:

What Is Cooperative Federalism:

How do I know that the principles of the Declaration (as well as Articles of Confederation, NW Ordinance) have as much standing at law as the Constitution?

Because Congress said so, really where?

Lets look at them individually:

Second:  The Declaration of Independence.

Third : The Articles of Confederation:

Fourth: The Northwest Ordinance:

Now as most of you know there is an effort by this federal government to slide in under the radar , policies directed at Americans from the United Nations that undermine our Constitution.  The issue’s of primary interest  in our view are property rights, states rights, state sovereignty, and federalism. The west , that is the land west of the 100 meridian is especially under threat from the federal government,agencies, and bureaucrats that want to remove the human foot print from the land. It’s interesting that the same government that sent the Calvary out here to tame and develop homesteads , now want to walk all of that back. We’ll it’s not going to happen , which will illustrate below. We will dive into property rights, taxes, jurisdiction federal and state, we will solve the question , who actually owns what.

This is a work in process , not likely that we will ever finish it, at least not as long as we have the District of Columbia to deal with.

First : there has and is an ongoing debate over private property,public lands, state lands, and federal lands.

So lets look at when State Hood was granted to a territory, what became of the land within its borders:

First lets look as some historyThe History of Public Land .

Federal Reservations: ‎

State Hood v the Enabling Act:   

Federalism v State Sovereignty: ‎

To Sum up:  Coyle V Smith says, “Once a state becomes sovereign, the enabling act no longer is applicable, it would be unconstitutional !!!!)

The U.S. Gov has  a proprietorial interest only with vested rights of sovereignty!!

Jurisdiction over public lands within a state:

Jurisdiction over private property/land. Water Rights Resolutions:

Jurisdiction over water ways on private property:

Federal Managed Land vs Federally owned Land:

Forest Management State vs Federal vs Tribal

RS 2477 Roads Trails Two tracks. :

Judicial Rulings on RS 2477 Roads :…-rs-2477-roads/ ‎

The granting of local law enforcement authority to federal agencies:

Understanding the difference between an agency policy and the Law, example+ FLPMA.

The Lawful Civil Process/  You’ve got questions, you may find the answers here.

Is your state a Corporation, is your County a corporation, is your city or town a corporation, why does it matter.

What is a Land Patent:  Allodial Titles :

The Republic of Minnesota, Allodial Title. :

Private Property Taxes, who is obligated , who is not, the fraud.  Petition For Redress of Grievances:

Do you own your home “Fee Simple Absolute”  Learn how to bring your Land Patent up in your name , and acquire an Allodial title.

The Right of the Citizens of the several States to hold title in allodium.///

Are unrecorded instruments, as between the parties and their heirs, valid and binding. Arizona RS 411 and 412, All that is required is notice between the parties!

The Final Solution to Property Tax:

Letter to the Ventura county Assessor’s office:

Are  county treasure’s committing Securities Fraud. We’re working on it stand by:( We’re getting close)

Are you a Corporate American or a Sovereign American? Are you a Citizen of your state, or a Citizen of The United States?  You may want to rethink your answer.:


So which is it , is the federal government a Corporation, well the code says that it is:

Question: Are we or are not Governed by “The UNITED STATES CORPORATION:

Citizen Vs resident The Difference and why its important.

At the end of the day we need a plan:

Affidavit of Truth:

Sovereignty, Liberty is Kept Only By The Will Of The People, Under God!!!;;

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