Arizona Verification for Presidential Candidates




The State of Arizona has an obligation to its citizens and the Nation. Never again can we allow our country to witness, or be a part of, the theft our nation’s most high office; The Presidency of the United States of America. It is time to take-back our country and return to Constitution rule of law, as we are a nation of laws and not ruled by men. We must respect the Constitution or we will lose our Nation. Therefore, should I be elected as your next Governor I will pledge by Executive Order and institute the following guideline listed below for the State of Arizona.

The Governor and the Speaker of the House of the Sovereign State of Arizona shall certify that any and all candidates for the office of the President of the United States shall be certified eligible for said candidacy and shall adhere to the following set of requirements:

NOTE: Unless all certified documents are received, verified and entered into the record, no candidate shall be listed on any ballot for the Primary or General election of the State of Arizona.

1) A certified copy of birth certificate from any of the fifty United States. A copy or original document of live birth will not be accepted.

2) Certified copies of all school transcripts, K-12 , and any college records.

3) Certified copies of military discharge papers (DD-214) and any school records the candidate may have attended while in the military service.

4) Copy of current Drivers License and Social Security card.

5) Certified copies of medical shot records.

6) Candidates will be subject to a NCIC check and background check accomplished by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Said investigations will report directly to the Governor, Speaker of the House, and the Attorney General of the State.

7) Any requests for additional documents by the State must be requested of the candidate no later than 60 days before the Primary election in Arizona. Any candidate failing to comply with the request for additional documents shall be notified by Certified US Mail of the failure to comply. The candidate shall then have 15 days to respond in writing. If said documents are unavailable, the candidate will respond by certified letter to the Governor, and copied to the Speaker of the House; they then will either accept or deny the petition by the candidate. A denial will mean a “No list” on the Primary and General election ballots.



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