Immediate Public Demand of the 112th Congress

We the people of these United States present the following information which constitutes reasonable doubt as to identification and therefore the subsequent eligibility of one Barack Hussein Obama to act as president of the United States of America.
Link to Sheriff investigation::
Link to Publicists notice::

Link to BC::
Tentative Conclusion: Probable cause exists that crimes have been committed. Forgery, Fraud, Usurpation, Misrepresentation with intent to secure public office, Suspicion of Treason
1. The 112th Congress initiate an immediate Congressional Investigation to determine:
The true identity of one Barack Hussein Obama and
To provide conclusive evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to lawfully occupy the office of president of the United States of America.
2. Due to the extreme emergency this situation place’s the National Security of these United States. It is our demand that one Barrack Hussein Obama, be removed from the office of the presidency, until the conclusion and determinations of eligibility are confirmed.
3. In addition we demand that a Special Prosecutor be installed by the House Judiciary Committee. To do a separate independent investigation without interference from the Congress or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
4. We also call for a complete, and open to the citizenry, investigation be implemented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and run concurrent with the Congressional Investigation.
The American people, with the Constitutional  authority make these demands as the final arbiters of the Constitution and the only rightful authority by which this government has been commissioned. We further demand to have our concerns addressed openly and with complete and total transparency.
We the People of these United States So Demand this action to be taken immediately for cause.
Signed:__________________A Citizen of these United States of America.
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5 Responses

  1. Won’t let me sign.

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  3. Hello gang, cant we get an easier way to send this out! Its the only way to get volume! Check out the Dick Morris ATT petition! It is perfect work!

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